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Why won’t some people take the vaccine and how can they be convinced that it's good?

January 3, 2022
By Atlhloarh BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Atlhloarh BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My dad is in his late 60’s and he got the vaccine. My father is a very cautious person so if he got the vaccine I'm sure it's not bad. There will always be theories and many have never been deemed true. Which is why they are called theories. Covid is real and people are dying. Wake up. 

When I think of unvaccinated people I think of rude students who hold the rest of the class back from getting to recess. Not necessarily that unvaccinated people are rude but it’s that they affect everyone around them. Being unvaccinated means that you're likely to catch the virus and give it to someone else; this is how the virus continues to spread. The Sacramento Bee with a trusted Editorial board says “Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine prevented hospitalization in 96% of cases of infection with delta.” If more people are vaccinated there will be fewer people catching the virus and slowly it will die off. I’m vaccinated. But are you?

Unvaccinated people are a part holding the world back from defeating this virus. It has been in the air for way too long and it has created enough variants with strengths stronger than the last. I have a family and currently, I'm attending school in person. In the last week I can see that there was a spike in positive covid tests. I have done everything I can to make sure that I and the people around me stay safe. The Sacramento Bee states “omicron’s proliferation shows that it is more effective at spreading through population than competing forms of the virus.” This is horrible news and it means that we need to do better.

Our leaders got a heads up about this omicron variant and we were unable to keep it out of the United States. Its origin was in South Africa. Because of the situation with being unvaccinated, our leaders should have taken more precautions and had restrictions about traveling out of the country for the time being.  

When Analyzing it occurs to me that some people won’t get vaccinated because of religious beliefs and health problems or they just don’t believe covid is real and they think the vaccine is bad. Religious belief and health problems are exceptions and to me they are reasonable. To say that Covid isn’t real and the vaccine is bad is questionable. This is questionable because how do you hear and see all the deaths from the virus and still believe that it's fake? It might seem like it’s not real but it is. It’s here and it hasn’t gone away. 

We can convince people that the vaccine is effective. I know that there is lots of false information which causes people to believe things that are probably not true. I say probably because all the information around the media needs to be fact checked by scientists who can give facts as to why the vaccine is effective. I think that if people hear from an unbiased person who only speaks facts. Unvaccinated people will have the correct information and not believe in the theories about the Virus and vaccines that are not true. The scientist's statement should then be broadcasted everywhere and in every radio or channel for a couple minutes every hour of every day. You can think of it as an advertisement that you hear really often. Actually so often that you have the lines memorized. Everyone who can should get vaccinated.

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If you can, get vaccinated. Help protect the ones around you!

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